BagbeGone instructions

Video instructions:

Official how-to video demonstrating how to use BagBeGone™ correctly:



It's crucial to use a cream, serum, or gel as a conductive medium for the device's microcurrent and EMS technology to function effectively. Evenly apply your chosen product under the eyes before using the mask.

Ensuring full contact of the mask on both sides of your face is key for an even distribution of microcurrents and optimal results.

Before Starting:

  • Checking Battery Level: Hold down the On/Off button. If the device does not power on, connect it to a USB cable and charge for a minimum of 2 hours to ensure a full charge.

Understanding the Controls:

  • On/Off Button: Also functions as a Mode Switch, allowing you to toggle between two distinct modes.
  • Plus/Minus Button: Enables you to choose from three different intensity levels.

Usage Instructions:

1.Preparation: Before using the device, apply a small amount of eye cream, serum, or gel around the lower eyelids. This step is essential to maintain skin moisture and enhance conductivity. If you notice a decrease in the current sensation during use, reapply the product sparingly. 

Important Note: Avoid using the device on completely dry skin, as you will not feel the microcurrents or EMS mode.

2.Device Contact: Make sure the device is in full and firm contact with your skin. If the sensation becomes weaker, gently press the device against the skin for better conductivity.

3.Adjustment for Even Current: If the current is felt on only one side, adjust the device to fit more snugly, similar to how you would adjust a pair of glasses. A proper fit on both sides ensures an even distribution of the current across both eyes.

4.Powering On & Mode Selection: 

  • Press the On-Off/Mode button for 1.5 seconds to turn on the device.
  • The initial mode will deliver frequent, short pulsations through Micro-current technology.
  • Press the On-Off/Mode button again to switch to a less frequent, longer pulsation mode utilizing Electro-Muscular (EMS) technology.
  • Feel free to alternate between modes every 1 to 2 minutes for a varied routine.

5.Adjusting Intensity:

The device starts at the lowest intensity level, indicated by one light.
Use the Plus/Minus button to adjust between levels 1-3 according to your preference.

6.Treatment Duration:

Limit your sessions to no more than 10 minutes, and do not use the device more than twice a day.

7.Powering Off:

Press the On-Off/Mode button for 1.5 seconds to turn off the device after use.


The device features an automatic shutoff that activates after 10 minutes of continuous use.

Safety and Care:

  • Charging: Do not use the product while it is connected to a power source.
  • Restrictions: Individuals with heart disease or other health conditions should consult a physician before use. Keep the device out of reach of infants and children under 18.
  • Sensations: A slight electric-pulse sensation during use is normal, varying with the selected intensity level and your skin’s texture.
  • Dry Skin Warning: Do not use the device on dry skin. Ensure skin is adequately moisturized before use and reapply cream, serum, or gel as necessary to maintain desired intensity.
  • Water Exposure: The device is not waterproof. Avoid washing it under water, using it in the shower, or exposing it to high humidity environments.
  • Cleaning: Clean the device with a dry or slightly damp cloth after use.
  • Usage Time: Do not use the device for more than 10 minutes in a single session. We advise starting with a shorter treatment duration of 3 minutes to ensure that you can gauge your comfort with the product. If the initial shorter sessions are comfortable, you are welcome to gradually increase the usage time up to a maximum of 10 minutes per treatment. The device has a 10-minute shut-off feature.
  • Frequency: Limit use to no more than two sessions per day.